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    Security Guards in Jersey City, Fire Watch Security NJ, Security Officers, Bodyguards. Security Services, Guards and private security for hire for in New Jersey. #1 Jersey City Security Services
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    USPA International Security Services provides bodyguards Jersey City NJ (executive protection) to many of the Forbes Top 200 Wealthiest Businessmen and Women for a reason. We deliver as promised - every time. NJ Security Guard Service
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    From the country's largest logistical and shipping companies, warehouses and manufacturers, USPA Nationwide Security has longstanding relationships with these entities as we share the same high standards with measurable results. #1 New Jersey Security Service
New Jersey Security Guards. Jersey City Area Bodyguards for Hire
There are many security guard companies in New Jersey. While some these security guard company owners may be very knowledgeable about their craft, more often than not, they do not have the same skillset on running a security business. It’s common to see security business owner’s lack the knowledge customer service, best practices to streamline processes, nor the ability to anticipate the challenges that they will face as far as providing security guard services to your Jersey City, NJ company.

To the small security business owner’s defense, the cost of hiring reliable security officers is usually too high to be feasible. This forces them to hire substandard security guards. USPA Nationwide Security Jersey City, NJ is changing that. We believe that proper security guard training and selection is vital to every business relationship we enter.

USPA Nationwide Security Jersey City, NJ is providing security officers (guards), armed security and security consulting services at very affordable rates for all businesses and business sizes in the Jersey City area; Utilizing our Certified Contractors, licensed security guard firms in the State of New Jersey, you will receive the best security and protective strategies in the area.

New Jersey Core Security Services:
Security Guard Services
Armed Security and Protection
Bodyguard and Personal Security
Traditional NJ Security Officers
Nationwide Security Provider
Fire Watch Security Services (Firewatch)
NJ FCRA Pre-employment Background Checks (1 Day Turnaround)

Security Guard Service area:
Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Woodbridge Township, Lakewood Township, Toms River NJ.

Security Officers for Hire for Mid-Size and Large Companies in NJ
Larger New Jersey firms realize the necessity of hiring security services on a regular basis. In fact, most likely that is how they’ve stayed safe and prevented loss over the years. They understand the fundamentals of business and the importance providing a safe and secure workplace for their employees and guests. Many midsized companies attempt to skip on the important access control, loss prevention, pre-employment background checks a capable security provider can accomplish.  At USPA Security, we aim to become a partner, rather than a security vendor.

USPA Nationwide Security Jersey City, NJ helps mid to large companies focus on the security threats that will have the most impact on your bottom line. Our security consultants will show your NJ company areas where funds are being allocated that aren’t producing measurable results and how to use these funds in higher impacting areas to get the results you seek, within budget.

Call us now, and speak with a USPA Nationwide Customer Service representative or Security Consultant. We do not employ any salespersons – ever. We’ll give you a straight forward rate with no hidden language. Come see why USPA Nationwide Security has grown from a 1-man operation in 2005 to a Multi-National Security Company serving many of the same clients for more than a decade and counting.

We specialize in Nationwide Security Contracts and Local Security Details in all 50 States.

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From a one-man-show in 2005 in a small apartment on Long Island, to a Multi-Natioal Security Firm operating in 14 countries and all 50 States, USPA Nationwide Security (Jersey City, NJ) and USPA International Security will deliver, with tenaticy, precision and effectiveness, usually within minutes, in a way that you will keep you among the ranks of our longstanding, trusted clients and partners, year after year.
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With the same day service guarantee on most of our security guard services in the Jersey City area, USPA Nationwide Security of New Jersey will guarantee that we can be on site usually within 60 minutes; if not on the same day when security guard services are required in an emergency situation. These emergency security contracts usually are related to fire watch service, armed guards, high-risk terminations, personal security, or loss prevention and traditional security. We also offer pre-employment background checks which are FCRA compliant for New Jersey business. With a one-day turnaround and a price match guarantee, give us a try today and see how we can streamline your background checks. No long-term contracts, no monthly charges, no minimums, just pay as you go by simply setting up with us. It takes 15 minutes and then you could easily email us the release form and get a comprehensive background check including drivers’ records, Social Security verification, address records, criminal records, credit history and much more. If you are in need of security guards, armed guards, bodyguards or traditional security services anywhere in the state of New Jersey, call us now and take advantage of our same-day service guarantee.

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